(D. Sacke, D. Hughes)

Produced by SuperStar O

Mixed by Kasland

Mastered by Romano Erafficci

Published by Room 28 Publishing (BMI) / Grind or Die Music (ASCAP)

[Verse 1]

He rides the open roads, there’s not a care in his head

Not the type to let his Harley be an expensive chair in a shed

No wife, no kids, no friends or family, and both his parents are dead

So he’s always on the move, not to somewhere, but instead

To something that brings him peace, not one for sharing his bread

He was once asked what’s his story and he just stared and he said

His name, where he’s from, not where he’s been, but where he’s come

Not what he’s seen, nor what he’s done, doesn’t want to seem to be as numb

As he’s become, and life out on the road can be a journey sometimes

So he’s always out there burning some tires

’Til he gets where he’s going

As he gets to know no one


[Verse 2]

He calls his Harley Bonnie, so he gave her the same name as

His favorite singer cause she sings through the very pipes that became famous

For saving lives on the road, got the saddlebags and ape hangers

With a .45 in his cut in case he faces grave dangers

Cause Lord only knows what could happen, Lord only knows what he may face as

He lives the life of a rider, see, most are seen as gang bangers 

And it’s a shame, it really is, that these tats and these patches

And the simple fact that it all matches gets people acting out, madness

Runs through the veins of the hateful and it’s so painful, it’s sad, this

Must be the world that he lives in as he just tries to be driven

To keep his righteousness in him and all despite the opinion

Of the general population in this judgmental nation, forgive him


[Verse 3]

He stays out of business that isn’t his, wants no drama

What’s not his problem’s not his problem, that’s the way he was brought up

Though trouble finds its way to him, it’s something he wants no part of

Unless a helpless victim’s spotted, then best believe he’s the karma

He’s but a chivalrous gentleman, though he’s civil, a lot of

Folks fear him cause his appearance reflects the scum at the bottom

He has no tolerance for politics or all of this nonsense

And just the thought of it’s nonexistent, his thoughts have been gone since

He hit rock bottom, hits the bottle ’til it’s just God and his conscience

Yet full of confidence, heart’s soft as it gets and it probably causes

Him to show weakness at times, but he shows his strength in his eyes

He’s just angel in disguise who finds his peace when he rides